Course Institute Rating Type Certificate Note
Improving your statistical inferences Eindhoven University of Technology 4.9 Statistical
Matrix Algebra for Engineers The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 4.5 Linear Algebra Matrix Algebra for Engineers Blog Part1

Blog Part2
Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science UCSanDiego Discrete Mathematics
Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization Imperail London University 4.5 Math Linear Algebra Multivariate Calculus
ARCHIVED Convex Optimization Standford Optimization
Statistical Learning Standford Probability and Statistics
Probability and Statistics Standford Probability and Statistics
頑想學概率-機率一 National Taiwan University 4.8 Probability and Statistics 頑想學概率_機率一.png
頑想學概率-機率二 National Taiwan University Probability and Statistics
Mathematics for Computer Science MIT Math
Basic Modeling for Discrete Optimization The Chinese University of Hong Kong 4.7 Optimization Basic_Modeling_for_Discrete_Optimization.png
Advanced Modeling for Discrete Optimization The Chinese University of Hong Kong Optimization
Discrete Mathematics Generality Pking University 4.7 Discrete Mathematics
Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences University of Amsterdam Statistics
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science UCSanDiego 4.5 Discrete Mathematics
Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis UCSantaCruz Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking Standford Math
18.06 Linear Algebra MIT Linear Algebra
Calculus Applied Harvard Calculus
Probability and Statistics in Data Science using Python UCSanDiego Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Probability Harvard Probability and Statistics
Calculus 1A: Differentiation MIT Calculus
Calculus 1B: Integration MIT Calculus
Calculus 1C: Coordinate Systems & Infinite Series MIT Calculus
Linear Algebra - Foundations to Frontiers UT Austin Linear Algebra

Computer Scicence

Course Institute Rating Type Certificate Note
Programming Languages, Part A UW 4.9 Programming Language
Programming Languages, Part B UW 4.9 Programming Language
Programming Languages, Part C UW 4.9 Programming Language
Data Structures and Algorithms UCSanDiego 4.6 Algorithm and Data Structure Algorithmic_Toolbox.png Data_Structures.png Algorithms_on_Graphs.png
Algorithm Part1 Priceton 4.9 Algorithm and Data Structure
Algorithm Part2 Priceton 4.9 Algorithm and Data Structure
Nand to Tetris Part I Hebrew University of Jerusalem 5 System Nand2Tetris Github
Nand to Tetris Part II Hebrew University of Jerusalem 5 System
Algorithms Specialization Standford Algorithm and Data Structure
An Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IOT) Specialization University of California, Irvine 4.6 Hardware
Functional Programming in Scala École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 4.5 Programming Language
C程序设计进阶 Peking University 4.8 Programming Language C程序设计进阶.png
Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization Duke 4.5 Programming Language Java_Programming_Arrays_Lists_and_Structured_Data.png Java_Programming_Solving_Problems_with_Software.png
Introduction to Programming with MATLAB Vanderbilt University 4.5 Programming Language Introduction_to_Programming_with_MATLAB.png
Analysis of Algorithms Priceton Algorithm and Data Structure
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Priceton Bitcoin
Computer Science: Algorithms, Theory, and Machines Princeton University System
CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs UCBerkeley System
CS161: Algorithm Standford Algorithm and Data Structure
Operating Systems Design and Implementation Standford Operating Systems
Operating System Engineering MIT Operating Systems
Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS) CMU Computer System
6.006 Introduction to Algorithms MIT Algorithm and Data Structure

Machine Learning

Course Institute Rating Type Certificate Note
Machine Learning Foundations University of Washington 4.7 Machine Learning Machine_Learning_uw.png Machine_Learning_Foundations_A_Case_Study_Approach.png Machine_Learning_Clustering_Retrieval.png Machine_Learning_Classification.png Machine_Learning_Regression.png See note in blog,
Advanced Machine Learning Specialization National Research University Higher School of Economics 5.0 Deep Learning Introduction_to_Deep_Learning.png Github
Advanced Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization Google 4.6 Machine Learning How_Google_does_Machine_Learning.png Intro_to_TensorFlow.png Feature_Engineering.png Launching_into_Machine_Learning.png
Machine Learning Standford 5 Machine Learning Machine_Learning.png Blog,Machine Learning
Deep Learning deeplearning-ai 5.0 Deep Learning Deep_Learning.png Sequence_Models.png Structuring_Machine_Learning_Projects.png Convolutional_Neural_Networks.png Neural_Networks_and_Deep_Learning.png Blog,Sequence Models

Blog,Convolutional Neural Networks

Blog, Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Blog, Improving Deep Neural Networks

Blog,Structuring Machine Learning Projects
Self-Driving Cars Specialization University of Toronto 5 Self-Driving
Self-Driving Cars Teach-Out University of Michigan 4.9 Self-Driving
機器學習基石上 National Taiwan University 4.9 Machine Learning Machine_Learning_Foundations.png
機器學習基石下 National Taiwan University 4.9 Machine Learning
Recommender Systems Specialization University of Minnesota Recommender Systems
Probabilistic Graphical Models Specialization Standford 4.7 Graphical Model
CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning Stanford Natural Language Processing
CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition Standford Computer Vision
11-785 Introduction to Deep Learning Standford Deep Learning
TensorFlow in Practice deeplearning-ai 4.3 Deep Learning TensorFlow_in_Practice.png Convolutional_Neural_Networks_in_TensorFlow.png Introduction_to_TensorFlow_for_Artificial_Intelligence_Machine_Learning_and_Deep_Learning.png Natural_Language_Processing_in_TensorFlow.png Sequences_Time_Series_and_Prediction.png

Big Data Architecture

Course Institute Rating Type Certificate Note
Data Systems Specialization ASU 4.0 Database
Big Data Specialization UCSD 4.7 Big Data
Cloud Computing Specialization UIUC 4.4 Cloud Computing
CS199,Applied Cloud Computing UIUC 4.4 Cloud Computing
Parallel, Concurrent, and Distributed Programming in Java Rice University 4.5 Programming Language Specialization Parallel_Programming_in_Java.png Distributed Concurrent Github

Artificial Intelligence

Course Institute Rating Type Certificate Note
AI for Everyone deeplearning-ai 5 Artificial Intelligence AI_For_Everyone.png Blog, AI for Everyone
AI-Sys Spring 2019 berkeley 5 Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence UCBerkeley Artificial Intelligence